King of the James Adventure Triathlon

King of the James Adventure Triathlon

When: Sunday, November 11th at 9am
Where: Forest Hill Park

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The King is back once again! The King has returned ready to share his spoils and take-on those that challenge his reign. Join us for the fourth, somewhat more annual, ‘King of the James’ Adventure Triathlon.  This event will traverse the James River’s mountain-esque terrain through the city of Richmond.

Individuals and teams will battle it out as they run the Forest Hill Trail loop, mountain bike Buttermilk and North Bank Trails, and paddle the urban whitewater found deep in the heart of the city’s fall line. This race isn’t for the faint of heart, and there can only be one king of the James. A solo participant must be able to complete the course by possessing the skills of an EXPERIENCED trail runner, EXPERIENCED mountain biker, and EXPERIENCED whitewater kayaker and possess all of the necessary equipment and safety gear. 

We recognize that having the skill set to participate in all three disciplines is extremely challenging therefore ‘King of the James’ will accept teams banding together in order to complete the race. The event can be done as a Solo, Solo with Raft support or as a Relay Team or Raft Team. If your interest is to participate as an individual on a team, you must put together your own team. Each participant must identify their team by a team name on the registration form. If your skill set does not include white water, back this year, you may run, bike then jump in a raft at the put-in and be guided down the river; you will be solo with raft support. 

As you consider if this is the race for you, let me say again, this is an extremely difficult course, with many hazards, it requires stamina as well as in-depth knowledge of all three sports.  The course is subject to a variety of changing variables associated with being held in an ever-changing outdoor environment.  Please take this into consideration. The use of recreational kayaks is not permitted. If there is any question on your part, about completing any of the disciplines, please do not attempt ‘King of the James’.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the difficulty of the ‘King of the James’.

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