Thursday, February 8th

Posture Workshop

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Improve your posture by learning how to maintain an upright and stacked alignment with correct joint position and muscular balance. Good posture affects sport economy, activities of daily living, facilitates optimal aging, and overall movement efficiency.

Where: Fleet Feet Sports (Westhampton location)
5600 Patterson Ave
When: Thursday, February 8th from 7:00-8:15 pm
Cost: $15 /person
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Postural "creep" results from poor stacking of the head and neck, trunk and lower body. The way we sit, stand, walk and run can easily alter bio-mechanics from habituated unconscious poor alignment resulting in muscle fatigue and soreness, joint imbalance, and movement inefficiency.

Join Karen Roodman, MS Kinesiology and seasoned Pilates practitioner with Core Pilates of Richmond, for a 90-minute interactive workshop covering simple and effective strategies to gain positional awareness to become upright, balanced , and highly functional. Learn how you can make improvements that affect sport and mobility, activities of daily living and avoidance of degenerative conditions that result from induced postural stress.

This workshop is interactive and will involve movement. Come dressed to participate  and bring a yoga or Pilates mat. Reference handouts will be given to all attendees. The cost of this workshop is $15 and is limited to 20 people. 

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